Pearson Level 2 BTEC Diploma in Team Leading

The aim of this qualification is to contribute to the skills, knowledge and overall performance of Team Leading It provides an insight into the principles and processes of Team Leading and will aid career development.

The BTEC is achieved by completion of a range of units to make up the qualification.  Each unit deals with a separate area of activity within the chosen specialist area.

Evidence towards the units is gathered form evidence in the workplace.  This is generally achieved via witness statements of the learner’s competence from senior members of staff in the workplace, by personal testimony of the learner concerned, and by observation by a member of Professional Vocational Training staff

This QCF competence-based qualification is designed for those people who;

  • are  Team Leaders  or those who   wish to progress  to be a team Leader
  • wish to gain recognition

To achieve the Pearson Level 2 BTEC Diploma in Team Leading, the learner must achieve

  • Minimum number of credits that must be achieved 40
  • Number of mandatory credits that must be achieved 22
  • Minimum number of optional credits that must be achieved from group B 12
  • Number of optional credits that must be achieved from either group B or C.
  • A maximum of 6 credits can be taken from group C.

Mandatory Units

  • Unit 1: Manage Personal Performance and Development
  • Unit 2: Communicate Work-Related Information
  • Unit 3: Lead and Manage a Team
  • Unit 4: Principles of Team Leading
  • Unit 5: Understand Business

Group B

  • Unit 6: Develop Working Relationships with Colleagues
  • Unit 7: Contribute to Meetings in a Business Environment
  • Unit 8: Principles of Equality and Diversity in the Workplace
  • Unit 9: Promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
  • Unit 10: Manage Team Performance
  • Unit 11: Manage Individuals’ Performance
  • Unit 12: Chair and Lead Meetings
  • Unit 13: Encourage Innovation
  • Unit 14: Manage Conflict within a Team
  • Unit 15: Procure Products and/or Services
  • Unit 16: Collaborate with other Departments

Group C

  • Unit 17: Participate in a Project
  • Unit 18: Health and Safety Procedures in the Workplace
  • Unit 19: Store and Retrieve Information
  • Unit 20: Handle Mail
  • Unit 21: Employee Rights and Responsibilities
  • Unit 22: Deliver Customer Service
  • Unit 23: Understand Customers
  • Unit 24: Resolve Customer Service Problems
  • Unit 25: Negotiate in a Business Environment
  • Unit 26: Develop a Presentation
  • Unit 27: Deliver a Presentation
  • Unit 28: Resolve Customers’ Complaints

For further information or to discuss the programme please call Clare Godfrey on 0800 048 7803 or email