AMSPAR Level 3 Certificate in Medical Terminology

The qualification content covers:

  • Origins of structure and medical terms.
  • Prefixes, roots and suffixes – composition of medical words.
  • Terminology of body structures, systems, diseases and conditions.
  • Surgical and medical procedures and investigations.
  • Terminology of pathology and x-ray investigations and procedures.
  • Classification of drugs and prescription abbreviations.
  • Eponyms, acronyms and abbreviations in common use.
  • Titles, professional qualifications, professional bodies relevant to medicine and their abbreviations.
  • Correct spelling of medical terminology is a requirement for this paper.

Learners should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the correct use of medical prefixes, roots and suffixes
  • Give the meanings of medical terms and abbreviations in common use, including body structures and systems
  • Apply correct medical terms and abbreviations
  • Demonstrate the correct use of abbreviations used in prescriptions
  • Demonstrate the correct use of interpretation of titles, professional qualifications and professional bodies applicable to medicine.

This course is delivered online and no attendance is required.  The cost varies depending upon numbers from each employer working towards the qualification.